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The following is an overview of AFROTC scholarship programs. To find out more visit the Air Force ROTC Scholarship Webpage.
There are two ways for someone to earn a scholarship. The High School Scholarship Program, which is obtained your senior year, and through our in-college scholarships

High School Scholarship Program

The High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) is available for high school seniors. The application window is open from 6 July - 31 January. That means you can apply for this scholarship starting the summer before your senior year and through the fall.

  • No cost or obligation for applying
  • Minimum grade requirements:
  • GPA: 3.0
  • ACT / SAT: 26 / 1240

In-College Scholarship

Students have two opportunities to compete for a scholarship once in college. In-college scholarships are typically offered during the spring semester freshman year and fall semester sophomore year.

To compete for an in-college scholarship you must be an active cadet in our program and meet the eligibility requirements. The minimum GPA eligibility is 3.0 (college GPA).