Improve your intercultural communication skills!

UW-Madison Air Force ROTC offers multiple foreign language learning opportunities, including Project GO and Flagship Programs.

Project GO

Project GO (Global Officer) is a Department of Defense initiative aimed at improving language skills, regional expertise, and the intercultural communication skills of future military officers.

Project GO offers funding to ROTC students for domestic and study abroad language programs during the summer. Funding for study abroad during the academic year is on a case-by-case basis.

Project GO is open to U.S. Citizens from all branches of ROTC. Check our website for current eligibility requirements.

Find more information at the Project GO website.

Flagship Programs

UW Madison offers two flagship programs in Russian and Korean.

The Russian Flagship Program prepares undergraduate students to take their place among the next generation of global professionals, commanding a professional level of competence in Russian language and culture. By providing a rigorous yet flexible curriculum; individualized tutoring, advising and support; ample opportunities to use Russian on campus; and expanded opportunities for intensive study abroad, the UP-Madison Russian Flagship program enables highly motivates students of all majors and at all prior levels of proficiency in Russian to met the requirements of their major field of study and achieve a superior level of proficiency in Russian. More information can be found at The Russian Flagship Program Website.

The Korean Flagship is a rigorous program for undergraduate UW-Madison students of any major who want to reach a professional level of competence in Korean. Students admitted to the program take courses at UW-Madison during the academic year and summer, participate in out-of-class tutoring and extra-curricular programming designed to maximize their Korean language and culture learning, and study abroad for a capstone year at Korea University in Seoul, where they complete an advanced program of study and a professional internship. More information can be found at The Korean Flagship Program Website.