Detachment 925 Cadre

With numerous years ranging in a variety of Air Force career fields, our Cadre represent the finest men and women the United States Air Force has to offer.

  1. Det Commander
    Lt Col John M. Pecarina
    Detachment 925 Commander

    As the current Commander of Air Force ROTC Detachment 925, Lt Col Pecarina is responsible for leading the active duty cadre in the education and development of prospective cadets as they pursue their goal of becoming Air Force Officers.

  2. Det OFC
    Capt Christopher M. Johnson
    Operations Flight Commander

    As the current Operations Flight Commander for Detachment 925, Capt Johnson is responsible for overseeing the cadet training program as well as instructing the Aerospace curriculum.

  3. Det Recruiting Officer
    Capt Shane L. Schuelke
    Recruiting Officer

    As the current Recruiting Officer for Detachment 925, Capt Schuelke oversees all detachment recruiting and scholarship efforts.

  4. Det NCOIC Personnel
    TSgt Tyquanda Grate
    Personnel NCOIC

    As the current Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Personnel at Detachment 925, TSgt Tyquanda Grate oversees personnel actions for both active duty Air Force members and Air Force ROTC cadets.

  5. Det NCOIC Administration
    SSgt Kyle T. Summers
    Administration NCOIC

    As the current Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Administration Management at Detachment 925, SSgt Summers oversees the enrollment and logistical process of each cadet to ensure their error-free commissioning into the United States Air Force.